Day 3

As I begin my 3rd day of the program, I’m doing a little bit of reflection. The first 2 days went by in a flash. I found that prepping as much food as possible will come to be extremely helpful and I’m grateful that we did so much grocery shopping ahead of time. So far, I feel good. It’s still very early on but I haven’t been experiencing “cravings” of any sort and I feel nothing but enthusiasm about this healthy step forward. Kevin, however, has already been craving the refined carbs. In his words: “I’ve been craving pasta salad today… and I don’t even like pasta salad!”

My favorite dish this far has been “Eggs in the Forest,” which consists of a sweet potato butterflied open, topped with a couple of eggs (I had mine over medium), surrounded by grilled asparagus, tomatoes, and mushrooms. Yum!

I experienced my first time “going out” during the program, as I had plans with 2 of my cousins last night. We ended up going to KINDRED, a cool, eccentric vegan bar/restaurant. After looking over their menu at home, I saw there wasn’t anything on the menu that was Whole30 compliant. I figured I’d just eat at home beforehand. I worried that I’d be an inconvenience to the server if I just ordered hot tea. After all, my only priority is to spend quality time with my primas (Portuguese for female cousins).

So, that is what I did. One of my cousins ordered a cool whiskey drink, an appetizer and a flatbread. My other cousin ordered a fun rum and pineapple cocktail and some “fish” tacos. I ordered my hot tea. Still overthinking, as I tend to do more often than not, I asked, “Can I be annoying and order just a hot tea?” The waitress reassured me that it wasn’t annoying at all and told me the 3 options of tea they offered. I happily sipped my tropical green tea for the rest of the evening, catching up, and having nothing short of a wonderful time.

Oh! One little slip-up that I forgot to mention: We had chia pudding for 2 breakfasts, and after a quick Google search this morning I found out that for several reasons, it is not a recommended Whole30 meal. Thankfully, they are still technically Whole30 compliant, so it wasn’t a complete fail.


The Day Before

So, tomorrow is the day that my Whole30 journey finally begins. I have contemplated doing this for quite some time now and have put it off for various reasons. It was either not the right time due to a big event coming up, feelings of being unprepared, or feelings of uncertainty.

I have always been skeptical and wary of “diets”, preferring more of a “change of lifestyle” approach. I believe that attempting to lose weight in a short amount of time (as well as having the main objective of losing weight for aesthetic purposes) can be extremely unhealthy, for both the body and the mind. It undoubtedly leads to feelings of obsession over one’s weight, as well as guilt and remorse when eventually “failing” and returning to old food habits. It isn’t sustainable.

Despite my disdain for short-term diets, I have been extremely passionate about healthy food and the way it can heal the body for quite some time now. I have experienced, first hand, the role that good and healthy eating habits can play in one’s quality of life. However, in the last few years I allowed myself to indulge in processed foods and craft beers a little more than I probably should have (oops), and have been feeling the consequences. This is the reason that I believe the Whole30 can help me.

I hope that the Whole30 can help me return to the habit of choosing healthier and more whole foods. I hope that it can steer me away from consuming too much added sugar and too many fried potatoes. I’m looking forward to more water, more veggies, and more time in the kitchen, exploring dishes I’ve never even thought of trying before. Most of all, I’m hoping that being forced to sit and savor my food without any distractions will remind me of how precious these mindful practices truly are.

I must admit that I’m slightly worried about the fact that I don’t eat pork, chicken, beef, or any meat that isn’t seafood, as the Whole30 rules seem pretty dependent on meat consumption. I’m confident, though, that it’ll all work out just fine. After all, there’s a lot you can do with eggs, shrimp, and fish. I am also a pretty firm believer that a plant-based diet can be one of the healthiest diets for human consumption anyway!

I forgot to mention that my wonderful boyfriend, Kevin, will be embarking on this Whole30 journey with me and I know that his support will make this whole thing even easier and more fun.

Wish us luck! And stay tuned for an honest account of how this month-long journey pans out.